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566 Leonard St

NY 11222


566 Leonard St
NY 11222

Mon to Fri 11AM - 8PM
Sat to Sun 10AM - 8PM

Introducing a new way to shop low waste. Maison Jar is a refillery and grocery store located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A one-stop-shop for food, personal care, and home essentials – all without unnecessary packaging.

Making low-waste and responsible choices should be easy. At our neighborhood corner store, we offer just that. Bring in your own containers or purchase reusable ones in store. We stock a wide range of household staples and spend a lot of time worrying about the right products so that you don’t have to.




the product
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Our mission is to be sustainable, accessible, and transparent.

At Maison Jar, our team strives to play our part in addressing the growing climate crisis. We believe that small habits make a big difference. By offering a different way to shop, we seek to help our customers produce less waste, promote a mindful diet, and support our local farmers and producers in the process.


Granola Lab Factory, Brooklyn, NY

The products we offer are the result of the dedication and hard work of our incredible partners.

We work closely with them to provide carefully selected and responsibly sourced products, placing an emphasis on local and organic options. We aim to share as much information as possible about each of our products, so that you can trust in the quality of what you purchase. Here's a non-exhaustive list of our partners.

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Baba's Brew, PA

Bandit, PA

Berle Farms, NY

Bianco di Napoli, CA

Bite Toothpaste,

Brooklyn Candle Studio, NY

Brooklyn Grange, NY

Cafe Grumpy, NY

City Saucery, NY

Cocojune, NY

Common Good, NY

David's Natural Toothpaste,

Dona Chai, NY

Driftaway Coffee, NY

Equal Exchange, MA

Essential Organics, WA

Even Keel, NY

Fat and the Moon, CA

Farmers Ground Flour, NY

Fine & Raw, NY

Frontier Natural Products Co-op, IA

Full Circle Home, NY

Goshen Kimchi, NY

Hawthorne Valley, NY

Hudson Harvest, NY

Human Essentials,

Humble Brands, NM

Hunter and Hilsberg, NY

If You Care,

International Harvest, VT

Ithaca Soy, NY

Jamie's Farm Granola, NY

Kaylaan, NY

KariKari, WA

La Goutte d’Or, Canada

Lancaster Farm Fresh, PA

Le Parfait, France

Lundberg Family Farms, CA

MamaP, NY

Mama Lam's, NY

Masala Mama, NY

Matriark Foods, NY

Mike's Organic Curry Love, NY

Mu Mu Muesli, NY

Nellie's Clean, Canada

New York Shuk, NY

No Tox Life, CA

Oneka, Canada

Paloma Craft Coffee, NY

Patch, Australia

Pickle Guys, NY

Plant Paper, USA

Raw Elements, CA

Rishi Tea, WI

Ronnybrook Farm, NY

Sahadi Fine Foods, NY

Sappo Hill Soap, OR

She Wolf Bakery, NY

Sfoglini, NY

South Mountain Creamery, MD

Stasher, CA

Superlost Coffee, NY

The Farmers Hen, NJ

The Unscented Company, Canada

Tierra Farm, NY

Trickling Springs, PA

Upstate Granola, NY

Yay for Earth, NY

Your Pasta, NY


Whether you are looking to stock up for the season or buy for a single meal, we’ve got you covered.

We favor products with certified labels such as: Fair Trade (FT), Gluten Free (GF), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Organic (ORG), Vegan (V). Our fresh produce changes seasonally.


Baking Powder

Baking Soda

Cacao Nibs (FT) (ORG)

Chocolate Chips Bittersweet 70% (FT) (ORG)

Chocolate Chips Semisweet 55% (FT) (ORG) 

Cocoa Powder (ORG)

Cornstarch (ORG)

Flour All Purpose (ORG) / All Purpose (GF) (ORG)

Flour Almond (ORG)

Flour Buckwheat (ORG)

Flour Rice (ORG)

Flour Rye (ORG)

Flour Whole Wheat All Purpose (ORG)

Flour Whole Wheat Bread (ORG) 

Sugar Cane White (FT) (ORG)

Sugar Demerara (ORG)


13 Bean Soup Mix (ORG)

Beans Black (ORG)

Beans Cannellini (ORG)

Beans Kidney (ORG) 

Beans Mung (ORG)

Beans Mung daal (ORG)

Beans Navy (ORG)

Beans Pinto (ORG)

Chickpeas (ORG)

Lentils French / Green / Crimson (ORG)

Peas Green Split (ORG)


We offer a limited selection of fresh breads from She Wolf Bakery.

Delivered Daily 


Granola Pistachio Mullberry (ORG)

Granola Maple Pecan & Cherry

Granola Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Cherry

Granola Almond, Coconut, Cranberry

Granola Chai Struesel

Granola Vanilla and Cherry



We offer a variety of dairy and vegan cheeses.

Subjet to change based on supply and season.


We offer multiple varieties of coffee from:

Cafe Grumpy

Driftaway Coffee

Paloma Craft Coffee

Superlost Coffee

Ground / Whole Bean 


Apricots (ORG)

Banana Chips Sweetened

Cherries (ORG)

Coconut Chips Toasted (ORG) 

Cranberries (ORG)

Crystallized Ginger (ORG)

Figs (ORG)

Goji Berries (ORG)

Mango (ORG)

Medjool Dates (ORG)

Prunes (ORG)

Raisins Thompson (ORG)

Raisins Sultana (ORG)


Apple Butter (ORG)

Beans Canned

Calabrian Chili Spread

Chai Concentrate Masala / Turmeric

Chili Crisp Classic / Garlic / Extra Spicy

Curry Pastes

Curry Sauces

Elderberry Syrup

Hazelnut Spread Original

Jams Fruit / Vegetable

'Nduja Vegan Tomato

Milk Coconut (ORG) 

Mustard Smooth / Wholegrain / Spicy (ORG)

Oil Coconut (ORG)

Paste Tomato

Pumpkin Puree

Salad Dressing


Sauce Apple

Sauce Buffalo

Sauce Hot

Sauces Tomato

Tomatoes Crushed

Vanilla Extract Pure (ORG)

Whitefish Celery Root (V)


Blueberries (ORG)

Edamame In Shell (ORG)

Dumplings Potato (ORG)

Ice Cream Pint (DF options) / Sandwiches

Mango (ORG)

Strawberry (ORG)


Bulgur #2 Coarse

Buckwheat Groats (ORG)

Couscous Fine (ORG)

Couscous Pearled

Rice Arborio (ORG)

Rice Basmati White / Brown (ORG)

Rice Jasmine White (ORG)

Rice Brown, Short Grain (ORG)

Rice Sushi White (ORG)

Rice Wild (ORG)

Farro (ORG)

Oats Quick / Rolled / Steel Cut (ORG)

Polenta (ORG)

Popcorn Yellow (ORG)

Quinoa Tricolor / White (ORG)


Acai Berry Freeze-Dried Powder (ORG) 

Ashwagandha Root Powder (ORG)

Echinacea Purpurea Root Powder (ORG)

Hemp Protein Powder (ORG)

Maca Powder (ORG)

Nutritional Yeast (ORG)

Psyllium Husk (ORG)

Spirulina Powder (ORG)


Agave Nectar (ORG)

Honey Wildflower (ORG)

Maple Syrup

Oil Avocado Extra Virgin (ORG)

Oil Coconut (ORG)

Oil Olive Extra Virgin

Oil Sunflower (ORG)

Oil Toasted Sesame (ORG)

Tamari (ORG)

Vinegar Apple Cider (ORG)

Vinegar Balsamic (ORG)

Vinegar Red Wine / White Wine (ORG)

Vinegar Sherry (ORG)

Vinegar White Balsamic (ORG)


Almond Butter

Almonds Raw Unsalted (ORG)

Almonds Roasted Salted (ORG) / Unsalted (FT) (ORG)

Brazil Nuts Raw Unsalted (ORG)

Cashews Roasted Salted (FT) (ORG)

Cashews Roasted Unsalted (FT) (ORG)

Cashews Raw (FT) (ORG)

Chia Seeds (ORG)

Flax Seeds (ORG)

Hazelnuts Roasted Unsalted (ORG)

Hemp Seeds (ORG)

Peanut Butter

Peanuts Roasted Salted / Roasted Unsalted

Pecans Halves Raw Unsalted (FT)

Pine Nuts Raw Unsalted (ORG)

Pistachio Meats Roasted Unsalted (ORG)

Pistachio Roasted Salted / Raw Unsalted (ORG)

Poppy Seeds (ORG)

Pumpkin Seeds Raw Unsalted (ORG)

Sesame Seeds (ORG)

Sunflower Seeds Raw Hulled Unsalted (ORG)

Walnuts Halves Raw Unsalted (ORG)


Pasta Casarecce (ORG)

Pasta Casccatelli (ORG)

Pasta Reginetti Whole Grain (ORG)

Pasta Orecchiette

Pasta Orzo

Pasta Rigatoni (ORG)

Pasta Brown Rice Spirals (GF)

Pasta Quinoa Spaghetti (GF) (ORG)

Soba Noodles Buckwheat


We offer a variety of organic produce, mostly from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op, such as:

Fruits, Greens, Root Vegetables, etc...

Subject to change daily based on supply and season.


Butter Unsalted / Salted

Butter Unsalted (V)

Cream Heavy (ORG)

Eggs Pasture-Raised (ORG)

Half & Half (ORG)

Kimchi Various

Kombucha On Tap

Labneh Coconut (V) (ORG)

Labneh Smoked / Vanilla (ORG)

Lemonade Lemon / Raspberry

Milk 2% (ORG) / Whole (ORG)

Miso Sweet White Rice

Olives Castelvetrano

Pickles New

Sauerkraut Original / Ruby / Ginger Carrots (ORG)

Tofu Extra Firm

Whey Tonic Passion Fruit / Pineapple

Yogurt CoconutMultiple Varieties (V) (ORG)

Yogurt Dairy (ORG) (seasonal)

Yogurt Drink Strawberry (V)

Yogurt Sheep (seasonal)


Almonds BBQ / Jalapeno Rosemary (ORG)

Cashews Curry / Thai Spiced / Garlic Herb (ORG)

Cassava Crackers

Chocolate Caramels

Chocolate Dark Almonds / Milk Almonds

Chocolate Dark Espresso Beans

Chocolate Dark Pretzel Nuggets

Chocolate Dark Raisins (ORG)

Chocolate Malted Milk Balls

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Energy Bites Various Flavors

Gummy Bears

Nut Mix Roasted Salted / Roasted Unsalted

Rick Cracker Mix

Rainbow Chocolate Drops

Sesame Sticks Roasted Salted

Sunny Bears (V) (ORG)

Wasabi Peas


Allspice Ground (ORG)

Bagel Everything Mix (ORG)

Basil Sweet (ORG)

Bay Leaves (ORG)

Broth Powder No-Chicken Vegetarian (ORG)

Broth Powder Vegetable Low Sodium (ORG)

Caraway Seed Whole (ORG)

Cardamon Pods Whole / Ground (ORG)

Cayenne Pepper (ORG)

Chili Powder (ORG)

Chili Flakes Crushed Red (ORG)

Chipotle Chillies Whole (ORG)

Cinnamon Ground (FT) (ORG) / Sticks (FT) (ORG)

Cloves Ground (ORG) / Whole (FT) (ORG)

Coriander Seeds Whole (ORG)

Cumin Seed Ground (ORG) / Whole (ORG)

Curry Powder (ORG)

Dill Weed (ORG)

Fennel Ground (ORG) / Whole (ORG)

Fenugreek Seed (ORG)

Garam Masala (ORG)

Garlic Granules (ORG)

Ginger Ground (FT) (ORG)

Mustard Seeds Whole (ORG)

Nutmeg Ground (FT) (ORG) / Whole (FT) (ORG)

Onion Powder (ORG)

Oregano (ORG)

Paprika Regular (ORG) / Smoked (ORG)

Parsley (ORG)

Pepper Black Fine Grind (FT) (ORG)

Peppercorns Black Whole (ORG)

Peppercorns Blend (ORG)

Peppercorns Pink Whole (ORG)

Peppercorns Szechuan / Sichuan Whole

Rosemary (ORG)

Salt Himalayan Pink Coarse Grind

Salt Kosher Flakes

Salt Sea Fine Grind 

Star Anise Whole (ORG)

Sumac Ground (ORG)

Thyme (ORG)

Turmeric Root Powder (FT) (ORG)

Vanilla Bean (ORG)

Za’atar (ORG)


Chai Black (FT) (ORG) 

Chai Black, Turmeric (FT) (ORG) 

Chai Black, Masala (FT) (ORG)

Chamomille (ORG)

Earl Grey (FT) (ORG)

Earl Grey Lavender (ORG)

Elderberry Healder (FT) (ORG)

English Breakfast (FT) (ORG)

Green Gunpowder (FT) (ORG)

Golden Yunnan (ORG)

Hibiscus Flowers (FT) (ORG)

Honeybush (FT) (ORG)

Houjicha (ORG)

Jade Cloud (ORG)

Jasmine Green (ORG)

Lapsang Souchong (ORG)

Lavender (ORG)

Matcha (ORG)

Peppermint Leaf (ORG)

Rooibos (ORG)

Pu-er (FT) (ORG)

Yerba Mate (FT) (ORG)


All-Purpose Cleaner Scented / Unscented

Cleaning Vinegar 12%

Castille Soap Peppermint / Eucalyptus / Citrus / Unscented

Dish Soap Scented / Unscented

Dishwasher Powder / Pods

Floor Cleaner

Laundry Soap / Powder / Pods / Sheets

Oxygen Brightener

Sal Suds

Window Cleaner Pods


Aluminum Foil

Baking Mat Silicone 

Bag Nut Milk

Bag Produce Cotton Reusable

Bags Stasher Silicone Reusable

Brush Bottle, Coconut

Brush Cleaning, Bamboo 

Brush Round, Coconut 

Brush Dish Replacement Head

Brush Dish w/ Handle 

Brush Dry Bath

Brush Pot Scrubber

Brush Nail 

Candles Scented Soy / Birthday

Copper Scrubber

Coconut Scrubber

Coffee Filters Compostable #2 / #4

Dishcloth Swedish

Jars Multiple Varieties

Lint Remover

Muffin Cups

Pods Multi-surface / Bathroom / Glass / Foaming Hand

Soap Tray Wooden / Bamboo

Stain Remover Stick

Straw Cleaning Brush

Straw Silicone

Trash Bags Compostable Tall / Small


Utensil Set Bamboo / Metal

Wax Wrap Set Beeswax


Aloe Gel

Body Lotion Scented / Unscented

Body Wash Scented / Unscented

Conditioner Scented / Unscented

Facial Cleanser Lavender

Soap Hand Scented / Unscented

Soap Body Scented / Unscented

Shampoo Scented / Unscented


Toothpaste Tab Mint / Strawberry


Bandages Natural Adhesive / Coconut Oil / Aloe

Body Oil Golden 

Bug-Off Spray / Stick

Conditioner Bars

Cotton Rounds Reusable

Cotton Swabs Bamboo / Reusable Silicone

Cream All

Dental Floss Plant-Based

Deodorant Block / Cream / Stick

Exfoliating Bar Sugar / Coffee

Eye Coal Black / Brown / Green / Blue

Face Cleanser Powder

Facial Cleansing Bars Charcoal / Tea Tree / Rose

Face Lotion Sensitive Skin 

Growing Belly Balm

Highlighter Beam / Glow / Lit

Itch Mud

Lip Balm / Stain / Tint

Lotion Aloe 

Mask Mermaid

Menstrual Cup 

Razor Blades / Butterfly

Salve All

Shampoo Bars

Shower Steamers

Soap Bars Multiple Varieties

Sponge Facial Konjac

Sponge Bath Loofah

Travel Soap Bag

Toilet Paper Single / 8 Pack

Tongue Scraper 

Toothbrush Adult / Kid  

Toothbrush Stand


Come join our community! Our workshops provide opportunities to educate on sustainability practices and celebrate our eco-conscious consumers.

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Julien Privat
Arnaud Montagard